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I would like to thank all the people who have supported me and my music through the years. This page is for YOU. I welcome any photographs anyone has from previous gigs that they would like to share.

Thanks to all the club owners and managers who give me gigs so I can play for YOU.

Fantastic, ahead of her time yet again.
author: Ryan Music Reviews

How can you write about a cd and not the artist. This is once again an example of an artist who knows her craft and creates art. Leslie has once again shown that music is story telling and the essence of emotion all in one. Way to go Leslie, thank for yet another fantastic contribution to your craft.

THIS is the reason why I continue to write and perform my music. The rewards come from people like this who I am grateful to for their humble honosty and loyal support over all these years.

Here's a little history of the following email from a fan. Recently, I emailed this person apologizing to them that I did not give them the correct change back after they bought my new CD "Mission Bell" at a recent gig. This was the reply back to me:

Dear Leslie:
You are extremely considerate, but it is totally unnecessary. Yours was the only club band I have "followed" and also the only club band CD I have bought (now that makes 2 CDs).
A little history, if you don't mind. Your band played at my 25th surprise birthday party about twelve years ago (gratis, I think). I had just come back that day from a three week training program, preparing me for my present career. The surprise and the vibe from the whole party was so wonderful that it cemented my decision to marry my wife who arranged the whole surprise party. Years later my wife was pregnant and was layed up at the hospital for over three months due to complications. In between visits to the hospital the only time I went out was to listen to you and your band play (along with some friends).
Now here is the point of the story. Thanks for bearing with me. My marriage is now stressed and I have tried many things to bring it back. The other night we saw you play, was one of the first nights in a long time we enjoyed each others company to a point that left both of us more hopeful for the future. Then we saw you and Mary and it was like full circle. So you see, to me, I was not concerned how much the CD cost. The moment was priceless. Now you got more than you bargained for. Having a vague idea of what your music must mean to you I thought you might appreciate the story. If you ever repeat this story, please change the names to protect the innocent.
A loyal fan

I love it. You are a great singer. Great style. Great Voice.
I heard some of you music on MP3 and I was wondering if you could send me a press kit. I run a Weekly Newsletter, (Say What???), that goes out to over 10K+ people in the music industry on Mondays. It is also linked up to my site at and I run the Dragonfly here in LA on Monday night's for showcases.

Hello: I just though i'd write you an email telling you how much of a fan i am of you. I think your music is the greatest thing i every heard. You are a very talented person. I buy your music whenever i find it. I will never get tired of your songs.

If you dont mind I would love to have an autographed photo of you to hang on my wall.
Your Fan, Joseph 10.07.01

Hi Leslie. I surfed in from a link on Maria Moores page.
You are a fantastic songwriter. Clean recording here that moves right along. LOVE the harmonies! I wish you a lot of luck with your music! Unique guitar work!

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I downloaded your songs here at work today and enjoyed them...yours is a style of music I like very much! I live up in Sherman, CT and do some recording at home with my new 8-track machine (Boss BR-8). Haven't had enough time to put anything on yet, because I spend four hours a day on the train to and from NYC! One of these days, I'll get my act together.

Anyway, thanks for the tunes, and keep up the good work!

I don't know if you remember me; you let me play guitar with your band once at Black Rock Castle...

Anyways, I loved your web page and it's nice to hear your music again and see the videos. Let me know if you'll ever be out in the Northwest we'll pack a club for you

When will you be coming out with your new CD? I currently have one and I really enjoy your music.

hi, I've only seen you play two times but I really enjoy some of your work. I just was wondering where I could pick up one of your cd's. do you sell them at shows or what? I was reading part of your web site and I have no idea who your writing about in "taking it slow". Most likely because i don't know all the lyrics. Personally I like "Tossing and Turning' because I know exactly what you mean about trying to pretend that it doesn't matter when it really does. I think most of us do!!

Leslie, Just cruised through and found you listed as an artist in Brookfield, where I'm now living! I checked out a couple of tracks and really enjoyed them. Your web site is nicely set up as well. I'm interested in chatting with you about your band and mine doing some double bills in the area sometime. Our inspirations and influences are pretty similar.

Take care and keep in touch

Hi Leslie, I like you music. Do you have any upcoming gigs in the area? If so, I'd like to come and check you out.

Dear Leslie Costa: I found your band while I was cruising around and thought I would drop you a line. I like what your doing and I like to support other artists on the web.

Leslie, I was just wondering if your songs "Lost Love" and "Taking it Slow" are available on a cd/cassette for purchase. I have downloaded some of your music from and I plan to purchase your September Rain cd.

I saw info on your album. If it's anything related to folk music I'll play it on my show. Would you like to see my playlists or know more about the show? What I read about your songs interests me.
WWGC 90.7 FM
Carrollton, GA

Hello Leslie, my name is Gannin. I really like your music. It appears that we have some of the same influences. If you get a chance come by and check out my band GanFu.

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