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Leslie Costa

Leslie Costa is a singer/songwriter who has been playing live and recording her original music in Fairfield County, CT.

She started her band Leslie Costa & the Usual Suspects in 1990. Over the years she and the band built a loyal following while

performing live and recording CD's. Her songs are engaging and authentic while always speaking a personal message.

She is highly respected in the local area as one of Connecticut's  best singer/songwriters.


The gigs

Leslie Costa: Lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Mary O'Hare: Harmony, percussion & acoustic guitar
John Zanella: Bass and vocal


The music

The songwriting has and always will be the core of the music. Leslie has written a large volume of quality songs that has been consistently written with craft and style. She is highly prolific offering a large catalog of songs ranging from all acoustic to acoustic/electric with the full band and all electric. The songs still translate even in the rawest form as solo acoustic.



Hearst Arts & Leisure feature article (July 2019)

Hearst, publishers of several Fairfield County CT newspapers published a feature article on the front page of the Arts & Leisure section.  To read the full online version, visit this link:

2019 live shows

Come out and enjoy live acoustic and full band shows this season. Help support us by coming and bringing your friends. We appreciate it greatly.


Electric Blue, a 14-song lineup of crowd favorites from gigs over the years as well as some new songs thrown in. They are all up-tempo and available now. The Storm Chaser, Rainmaker  and  Long Distance Runner are also available now. CD Baby and TuneCore will be the global distributors. You will be able to preview and purchase the music on iTunes, Amazon...etc.

Stay tuned for details!

HAN feature article (February 8, 2018)

The HAN Network, publishers of several Fairfield County CT newspapers published a feature article on the front page of the Arts & Leisure section.  To read the full online version, visit this link: 2018/02/08/searching-for-the- sun-in-the-city-of-hope- redding-womans-songs-help- through-challenging-times/


To purchase or listen to any CDs or single songs, please visit iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Every song and CD release is for sale on those sites. Select CD booklets are offered as FREE downloads on this site.


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2019 releases



Seeds of Time

Here and Now

Slow Burn

Long Distance Runner


Back to Me

The Northern Edge

Border Town

Won't You Stay

10 Bricks

Brand New Day

All This Time

Midnight Line


Take a Look Around

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When Angels Cry


Cover Me

Tell Me Some Lies

Heavy Water

Stand By You

Hate It

Weeping Willow

Now I Know


One Step In

The Giving Tree

Rainmaker (2007 with band)

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Coming Home

Lonely Messengers

Where There's Love

Valley of the King

Feel The Heartache

Who I Am

The Storm Chaser

All I Ever Wanted

Makes Me Think Twice

The Dancer

A Ghost Town

Back To You

Circles in the Sand

A Winters Night

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Waiting On You

I'll Be The One

Sweet Thing

Love Like That

Broken Pieces

Same Old Story

Echo Down

Let It Slide

Shame On Me

The Underground

Slow Cain Rising

Got A Thing About You

Electric Blue

All You've Got

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2018 releases


Invisible Soul

Ask the Mountain

Chasing the Dragon

Borrowed Car

A Love Song

Face the Fall

Where I Stand

The Lucky One

When the Raven Flies


Tell Her That You Love Her

Red Sky

City of Hope

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Waiting for Summer

The River I Know

Feel The Love

The Letting Go

Out Of My Reach

Running Blind
Go Where The River Flows

Any Way

Let Me Know

Like A Runaway

Where Poetry Rhymes

Northern Lights
I Know It'll Come Someday

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Mission Bell

September Rain

September Rain


Beacon Street, Dreamtown

Somewhere Else,
Thought I Saw Your Ghost Today, 

The Harder I Look, Fast Train,

Mission Bell, Everything Is Fine,

Be Like You,

Don't Know Why We Said Goodbye,

Hide Your Love, Silver Eldorado,

The Station, In Harm's Way,

American Dream

September Rain

September Rain

September Rain


Comfort Me, September Rain,

Heartland, The Inside,
Out of the Dark, A Little Bit Colder,

Angel Eyes, Shotgun To My Heart,

All Tangled Up, No Mercy,

Stepping Stone, Turn To Blue,

Like A Freight Train, I Give To You

'Til Tomorrow

September Rain

'Til Tomorrow


Shelter You, 'Til Tomorrow,

Street of Dreams, Burning Bridges,

Don't Let Go, Stand Alone,

No Man's Land, Already One,

Along The Way, The Distance

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Long Way Home

The Early Days Live

'Til Tomorrow


Long Way Home,

Moonlight On Ellsworth Street,

When The Walls Come Tumbling Down,

Bad City, Heart of Steel,

Summer Nights, What You Need,

Change, Winter Rain, Only With You

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The Early Days Live

The Early Days Live

The Early Days Live


Back In The Game,

No Need To Cry,

The Giving Tree,

Wishing Well, Fine Line,

Nice To Know, Lost Love,

Hometown Girl,
When Angels Cry,

State of Love

FREE booklet download on ALBUM BOOKLETS

album Booklets

Free downloads of Electric Blue, Invisible Soul, Waiting for Summer,  Long Way Home, 'Til Tomorrow and The Early Days Live

*Septrember Rain and Mission Bell booklets included with purchase of CD only.



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